24th February 2021 changed our lives. Russia began a full-scale war against Ukraine. Some of us, women who are now part of Women Fight 4 UA were in Ukraine and experienced the horrors of the war first-hand. They were then forced to move to the UK, as a result. Some of us were here in the UK, but we all have relatives or friends, who were affected by the war.

The feeling of helplessness prompted us to protest against the war in Ukraine here in London. We went to the protests every day, seven days a week for two hours, we raised awareness and asked for aid from the British government. We demanded more sanctions, more weapons, and simplification of conditions for Ukrainian refugees. Through the daily protests, we met like-minded people and formed a women's movement to support those affected by the war. Ordinary protests did not provide the necessary media and public attention, so we decided to conduct special performances within the framework of the usual protests.

Our very first performance as a team was dedicated to the atrocities found in the liberated city of Bucha.


In April 2021 the world learned about the atrocities that took place in Bucha and other de-occupied cities of the Kyiv region. These included mass-murder, torture, and rape by the russian forces of Ukrainian civilians including women and children. The information that came to the public light was brutal.
We decided to protest with bloodied faces, hands, and babies, which symbolised lost lives, hopes, and dreams. It was emotionally and physically challenging.

We then started organising rallies and performances in London to draw the attention of the British media to the war in Ukraine. Our photos were featured in dozens, if not hundreds media outlets, including the Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Reuters, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, to name but a few. We, different women from different cities and backgrounds, combined our forces and ideas, our skills and abilities, and formed a community that supports Ukraine in the UK.

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